Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Slimey Crud Run

Last weekend Rod, Mike, Jerry, Travis, Fred, and Randy went to Wisconsin for the Slimey Crud Run. The weather for the ride up was fitting for the run with temps in the 40's and drizzle for the better part of the day. The weather encouraged us to stop often which actually made for a good opportunity to see the sites. We made our first big stop at Breitbachs in Ball Town. The lunch buffet was fantastic with spaghetti soup, broasted chicken, shrimp, ham, and sausages in sauerkraut (we do like to find the good places to eat). From there we made a short ride up the Great River Road to take the ferry into Cassville, Wi. If you’ve never done this it was kind of fun and shortened up the ride since we would have either had to back track to Dubuque or gone north to Prairie du Chien.

Sunday the weather improved with temps in the 50’s and only an occasional sprinkle. It didn’t seem to deter too many people as it looked to be a decent crowd and there were a lot of bikes from the rare to the absurd. We hung around Pine Bluff until about 11:30 that headed off to Leland. Before we left Mike had the highlight of the trip as he got to meet and talk to Peter Egan. We managed to find some great back roads that were a lot of fun to ride in between the two stops. In Leland we ran into Gina, Bill, and a few other riders from Iowa City.

Riding home we again found some good back roads for the first part of the trip. Then we hit 151 to get back. To finish off the trip Fred, Jerry, Travis, and I stopped at the General Store in Stone City for supper. At Rod’s recommendation we got the Tadburger which is a ½ pound hamburger topped with a fried egg, and bacon. It sounds strange, and it may not be good for you but it also may be one of the best hamburgers we’ve had.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Hartford Motocross - September 20, 2009

I took a ride to New Hartford to on the 20th to watch the motocross races. It was some good racing and they have over 20 classes. I’ve been there twice and I keep looking at the over 40 class and think about resurrecting TT Racing. It’s probably a good thing I have too many other projects going so my bank account or lack there of keeps me from buying a race bike.

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