Monday, December 7, 2015

Barber Vintage Festival - Birmingham, AL

I’m a bit behind in postings.  I took a trip to Birmingham to visit my daughter in October.  On the way down I stopped at the Space Center in Huntsville, AL and my daughter and I visited Vulcan Park in Birmingham.  While I was there Fred and Bud came over from Houston and we attended the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.

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Ok, the Barber Vintage Festival was fantastic.  It was good to meet Bud and to catch  up with Fred again.  The posted attendance was 69,000 people over the course of the event.  The racing was good and just walking around the event was like a huge bike show.  We added the upgrade for the Ace Corner which was a nice place to watch the races and look at bikes.  The museum is a must see if you are into motorcycles (it is worth a trip on its own).   

Britton was the featured motorcycle which was very impressive.  We talked to his family and they said this was the first time they had seen 8 Britton’s in one place and 5 on the track doing hot laps (2 raced).   

The museum was unbelievable and they are building on another 80,000 sq ft.

The racing was fun to watch.  A lot of great bikes out on the track and it was pretty intense. 

Then you add the swap meet, bike builders, and artists.  We camped with a group of Kawasaki riders out of Florida.  So we meet some new riders and found some good food and a few new beers.  Definitely a good weekend.

As a side note I took a day trip to Florida to cross that off my list of states in my quest to ride in all 50 states.