Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Spring Slimey Crud

Met up with friends Tom and Candy from Monmouth, IL.  Tom and I went to the Barrymore for Movie Night Saturday then to the first leg of Slimey Crud in Pine Bluff on Sunday.

There were probably 3,000 bikes in Pine Bluff bikes that ranged from restored, custom, rat, to common.

Had great weather for the weekend.  Hit about 20 miles of light rain around Dubuque on the way home.  I left Pine Bluff about 11:00, if I had waited another 30 minutes I would have missed the rain all together.

(Click on a picture to bring it up all the pictures in a larger format)

2015 Vintage Torque Fest Dubuque

Stopped by Dubuque Saturday on my way to Madison and the Spring Slimey Crud Run

Great Cars (Click on any picture to bring up the pictures in large format):

A lot of nice bikes:

 The theme was Mini Bikes and Go Karts

This "Go Kart" had to take the prize - Hand built box tube frame, front mounted engine, custom intake, lake pipe, hydraulic drive, dual disk brakes, and to top it off it had hydraulics to rise it up and slam it down.  And the young lady loved showing it off.



And if you got tired of the cars, bikes, and such the ladies from the Pin-Up contedt were posing by the cars.