Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Next bike night is at the Chrome Horse in C.R.

Meeting there about 6:30pm Wednesday the 22nd.  Aug.

The following bike night will be at the Sanctuary Pub, on Gilbert street in Iowa City.

Meeting about 6:30 Wednesday the 29th. Aug.
Bike Night at the pit.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

July 19 2012 BMW MOA Rally Sedalia, Mo

Randy and Jane attended the BMW MOA Rally this year in Sedalia MO.  It was miserably hot so we did not camp opting instead to stay in Booneville at a very nice restored turn of the century hotel called the Hotel Frederick. It was right on the bridge across the Missouri River. 

Had a great Cajun restaurant and a nice little bar.

The Rally was good with a lot of great bikes.

There were a lot of good vendors and some very good seminars (in air conditioned rooms).  Attended one by "Couch" Stroud that explained the geometry off off-road and slow speed riding.  I had a flashback as one of his diagrams and explanations mede me realize why I crashed in a motocross race in 1977.

Ran into a few familiar faces Jarod, Roger, Ann, and Gary.  Here Roger is showing off the new exhaust he had installed on his 1600. 

Met a few new folks from Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, and even had a beer in with a nice guy from Canada that could have passed for Mike from the Red Green show.

July 13 2012 Spring Creek AMA Pro Motocross

Randy and Nat rode to Millville, MN to watch the AMA Pro Motocross National At Spring Creek.  had planned on camping but a rare (for this year) rain made for a late start so we hoteled it instead.  It was Nat's first long ride on her new to her K75.


Top Gear would be proud

Thursday, August 2, 2012