Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Motoblot 2 Chicago

With the beautiful weather Saturday I decided to ride to Chicago to go to the Motoblot Bike Show (formerly the Mods vs Rockers). It was about a 250 mile ride to the show which is on Fulton Street a couple of miles from downtown Chicago.  The show was on the about 3 blocks of street and a few parking lots about 4 or 5 blocks north of the United Center.  They crammed a lot of bikes and cars into 3 blocks.  People and bikes were coming and going all day long.

(Click on pictures to bring up in larger format)
Downtown Chicago in the background
Entry included showing your bike so I was in the "German area"


Tricked out scooters
And purpose built motorcycles


Julia Haltigan from Cafe Racer
Contestants in teh Pin-Up girl con
Interesting gear chec

A couple getting their wedding pictures with the cars/bikes in the show