Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 6, 2018 Retro Rewind Dubuque

Road trip to Dubuque on Saturday for the Retro Rewind car/bike show.  This is the warm-up show to the bigger Spring show Vintage Torque Fest.

It was cold outside but a nice trip.  It's a small show, but a good way to spend a cold day in January. I ran into a couple of old friends who had recently retired and made a few new friends.  You can see cars, bikes, swap meet, pinup contest, listen to live music, watch some cheesy old movies in the theater, and just plain people watch. If you want to stay around in the evening they have live music in the theater.
There are some music videos of one of the bands "One Night Standards" at the end of the post.
(Click on pictures to bring them up in larger mode)


 Some classy old cars

Then the Bikes

The Swap Meet parts

And the Music
One Night Standards - Video 1
One Night Standards - Video 2
One Night Standards - Video 3

One Night Standards - Video 4
One Night Standards - Video 5
One Night Standards - Video 6

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